Fireplace Retailer and Showroom in Port Huron, MI


Want to add the cozy and warm feeling of a fireplace to your home? Superior Heating and cooling can install a gas fireplace in your home safely and correctly!

With our showroom located in Port Huron Michigan, you don’t have to travel far to look through our selection of popular fireplaces. We carry a variety of designs and styles so that your new fireplace will perfectly match your homes look and feel. You can view the many different features and capabilities that we can provide to you.

We carry Majestic Fireplaces, which are known for their durability and stunning looks. Gas fireplaces are the most reliable and the easiest to maintain. Since they do not require wood to burn they are cleaner and more efficient.

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Our Port Huron Showroom Location:

920 Pine Grove Ave

Port Huron, MI 48060

There are many factors that can go into selecting the perfect fireplace for your home. These include:


  • Room Size
  • Fireplace Type
  • Pricing
  • Location
  • Heat Type
  • Style


Our experts at Superior Heating and Cooling’s Showroom know all about these factors and will take you through the selection process to ensure that you end up with the right fireplace for you and your home.