A/C Repair and Installation in St. Clair, Michigan

Want to feel more comfortable while sitting at home this summer?

At Superior Heating and Cooling we can install a brand-new top of the line air conditioning system that will leave you with the highest indoor air quality. Our prices are fair, and our service is excellent!

Our units are designed to last and will withstand anything that our tough Michigan climate will throw at it! Whether it is the extreme heat of our summers or being ready to run after a long winter of being dormant. Combined with our expert service you can rest assured knowing that Superior Heating and Cooling will be there to make sure you are ready for the heat this summer.

Don’t want to install a new air conditioner in your home, we also offer repair services on all makes and models of A/C units. Our maintenance plans will ensure that your A/C system will be ready for the heat and that if it does break, we will be there to get it up and running again!

Superior Heating and cooling can also help you get your current or new A/C Unit get ready for the summer after sitting all winter, as well as help you winterize it after the summer heat has ended!