Ductless Heating & Cooling Systems

Ductless air conditioner and heating units are a great alternative for heating and cooling small spaces and single rooms!

Ductless HVAC units are a great alternative to installing an entire heating and cooling system in your home. These units are smaller and easily managed. They also offer you the advantage of only heating or cooling one room in your home and not paying the extra utility bills to heat or cool an entire house. These are helpful in our southeastern Michigan climate because there are only several months a year that a home desperately requires an A/C system and heating entire homes can be tricky. Having a smaller and easy to manage system allows you to heat areas of your home that usually don’t get as warm without cranky up the heat and your utility bill.

You can also set up multiple zones throughout your home in order to better control your homes temperature. This allows each room in your home to have an easy to control unit that can run individually each other. This is a great way to set up different climate zones in your home wit minimal setup and maintenance.

If you would like help picking out or purchasing a ductless HVAC unit in St. Clair County or Columbus, then don’t hesitate to give Superior Heating & Cooling a call!