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Superior Heating & Cooling is the most reliable furnace repair and installation for both homes and businesses!

If you have a furnace in your home or office that needs repair or replacement, don’t hesitate to give Superior Heating and Cooling a call! Our heating contractors are proud to be serving the Port Huron, Columbus, and St. Clair County area with our HVAC repair and installation services.

Southeastern Michigan receives large amounts of snowfall every year and we experience many months of consecutive cold weather. Having an efficient and working furnace in critical to ensure that your family is not only comfortable during the winter months but that your home is safe from damage cause by freezing pipes and cold weather.

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Is Your Furnace Running Efficiency?

Just because your furnace is running and heating your home does not mean it shouldn’t receive maintenance or inspections though. Efficient Furnaces will make sure your home isn’t wasting energy and costing you to spend money that could otherwise be spent elsewhere. It could also be creating an environment within your home or office that is unhealthy due to decreased air quality. Your furnace pushes warm air throughout your house or office building, and it is important to make sure that this air is heathy and does not contain particles or gas that your friends and family should not be inhaling. By having your furnace inspected and maintained by our expert heating contractors, we can ensure your furnace is safe and not costing you extra money to run!

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Furnace Repair

Maintaining your furnace is something that you need to trust a professional contractor to do. You can rest assured that our heating contractors, who live right here in the Port Huron, Columbus, and St. Clair County area, will leave your home or office with a job well done! We understand that having heat for your home in the wintertime and when the weather turns cold is very important.

Having an older furnace go out in the middle of the night is a stressful situation, that’s why our maintenance team is available 24/7! If your home goes without heat in the winter for too long serious issues can develop with your home, not to mention you will become extremely uncomfortable in your home. That’s why getting your furnace repaired as fast as possible is our top priority.

Furnace Replacement

You shouldn’t have to worry about your furnace going out this winter! That is why we work with homeowners and businesses to get new and efficient furnaces installed with as little cost and effort as possible. Our employees are based right here in the Port Huron, Columbus, and St. Clair County area and work hard to provide a valuable service for our local community. The furnaces and heating systems that our team at Superior Heating & Cooling installs for our clients are not only efficient and safe but they are very affordable for everyone to own.

Check out our current HVAC rebates and promotions to learn more about how you can get a new furnace in your home affordable!


Daikin FIT AC - Furnace installation, Instant rebate -$750.00 and Free WIFI thermostat

New 96% furnace -$350
WIFI thermostat -$100

From now until December 31st 2021


Federal Tax credit for Energy Star Products

New 96% furnace -$350
High efficient furnace -$200
High Efficient boiler -$150
High Efficient boiler System -$800


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