Tips for saving energy on you heating and cooling!

Get your A/C unit ready for winter

Winterizing your air conditioning is a very important to do before cold weather sets in. If you do not take the proper steps to do so you risk damaging your unit and having to repair or even replace it in the spring time. The steps to do this are as follows:

1. Shut off the unit’s power – you can do this by finding the switch near your unit and flipping it to the off position, it is usually located in a metal box on the side of your home.

2. Remove all leaves, sticks and other debris – Doing this will ensure that your unit does not become home to rodents over the wintertime. Make sure the outdoor pipes are not damaged and holes leading into your house and A/C unit are properly sealed.

3. Cover the unit – there are many ways to do this but most common is to use the ac cover that comes with the unit. It is very important to keep the top of your unit clear during the fall and winter.

4. Cover the exposed pipes – Every AC unit has exposed piping leading to your home. Place foam covers over these pipes to ensure they stay insulated during the cold weather.

5. Ask a professional – When you are getting your furnace inspected and ready for the cold weather you can have the professionals at Superior Heating and Cooling look at your AC unit as well!

Get your furnace cleaned & inspected

There are many reasons to get your furnace inspected before the cold weather sets in and you need to heat your home. It will ensure that you are breathing healthy air all winter long and you will not have to worry about your heating system failing you in the middle of the winter. Getting your furnace cleaned and inspected will also save you money on your heating for the winter. Ensure your furnace is running at peak performance and there are not any air leaks in the ductwork will ensure that you are not losing heat anywhere. Superior Heating and Cooling can perform these inspections as well as any maintenance that is required on your heating system.

Proper humidity levels

Adding a humidifier to your home for fall and winter can make the environment inside your home much more comfortable as well as save you money on your heating bill. When your home is kept at a good humidity level, it makes 30 to 40% of your home feel warmer at lower temperatures. Which will means your furnace will not work as hard to heat your home.

Lower the temperature on your water heater

Your home spends a lot of energy on heating water. You can turn down your water heaters temperature if you’d like which means you will not spend as much money to heat water up to a temperature that you will not use anyways. The EPA recommends running a water heater around 120 degrees to conserve energy.

Reverse fans in winter to blow hot air down

Changing a ceiling fan so that it spins clockwise and at a low speed will cause it to redistribute air for warmth as opposed to cooling. This is done by the fan pulling cool air up to the ceiling and warming it, as more cool air is pulled up it will “push” the already warmed air back down along the walls and warm the room. By doing this in your home you can save up to as much as 15% on heating costs in the winter!

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