Quality HVAC Service

Superior Heating & Cooling

Port Huron, Michigan is an area of the country that relies heavily on both heating and cooling capabilities in a home to maximize comfort and air quality. Superior Heating & Cooling, Inc. is dedicated and driven by delivering the highest quality service and support to our customers in the Port Huron area. We specialize in Heating, Air Conditioning, Geothermal Energy, Water Heaters, Fireplaces, Indoor Air Filters, Boilers, Commercial Industrial Systems, and exceptional Maintenance Plans.

As a HVAC contractor in Port Huron we know the importance of having proper service and maintenance when you need it. With our maintenance plans this is exactly what you will get, whether it is annual maintenance on your HVAC systems or you need someone to come out and fix your system immediately, Superior Heating and Cooling is there for you.

Customer satisfaction is not taken lightly by crews and we stake our reputation on the work we do in the St. Clair County and Port Huron areas.  Our motto is "If It's Not Exceptional, It's Not Acceptable" and we show it with our quiet, affordable heating systems that are available for your home. Feel warm and comfortable regardless of the weather. Want to feel more comfortable at home in the summer? You will not feel the pinch of high utility bills and you can feel more comfortable with the air conditioning systems we offer.