Water Heater Contractor in St. Clair County

We repair, replace and install water heaters in the Port Huron and Columbus, Michigan area!

There’s nothing worse than turning on the shower in the morning to find that find out that you don’t have any hot water! Maybe it’s broken and your house isn’t getting warm water, or maybe your family has already used all the hot water in your tank. If your hot water heater is broken, we can fix or replace it for you. If you would like a water heater with a larger tank or maybe a new tankless water heater, that allows for unlimited hot water, we can get the job done for you!

Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Quite simply tankless hot water heaters provide unlimited hot water for your home! These state-of-the-art units don’t heat water in a tank and let it sit like traditional water heaters, they run your homes hot water pipes through a heat exchanger that is located within the small unit. Your water enters at room temperature and exits at your desired heated temperature for your home. These tankless water heaters are a great option for larger households because you don’t have to worry about hot water being replenished in a tank. More and more families have switched out their tank water heater to a new tankless water heater, of you would like to make the switch give us a call!

Get hot showers from your new tankless water heater!

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Traditional High Efficiency Water Heater

Superior Heating & Cooling provides top of the line hot water heaters to St. Clair County

Traditional water heaters use a tank to hold a supply of heated water that your family pulls from to shower and wash dishes with. Holding this constant supply of heated water can use a lot of energy and become expensive though. Our top of the line high efficiency water heaters will allow you to have a supply of hot water while using less energy, which will lower your utilities. These high efficiency units replenish themselves quickly and easily maintain their temperature while lasting much longer than normal units. If your current water heater needs to be replaced, we can install a new high efficiency water heater for you today!

Water Heater Repair

Not ready to replace your water heater? We will gladly repair your water heater for you and get it up and running again. Our service experts and contractors take pride in their professionalism and the quality of work they provide. There are many common issues that can arise from your tank leaking to your water not being heated, and we can fix them all.

We get a lot of cold winters in the Port Huron and Columbus area; this means it’s very important for your home to have hot water available all the time. Not only for the sake of your family’s comfort but to prevent your homes pipes from freezing on those cold nights! If you need your water heater repaired in the Port Huron or Columbus, Michigan area, don’t hesitate to call!