Whole-House Air Purification Giveaway

Free Whole-Home Air Purifier

With Purchase of New Furnace or Air Conditioning Unit!

We're giving away Whole-House Air Purification systems with the purchase of a new furnace or air conditioner! When you install a new air conditioner or furnace from Superior Heating & Cooling, we will provide you with a new air purification system for no extra charge.

These patented systems, from Field Controls, will remove viruses, mold and harmful bacteria and prevent them from circulating throughout your home. Turn your existing duct work into a high-quality home air purification system. Our system embeds directly into your existing ducts and cleans the air as it passes through them from room to room. This means your family will be breathing clean and healthy air wherever you are in your home!

If you would like an upgraded air purification unit, we will gladly accommodate you! Simply pay the difference and we will install it for you along with your new A/C or furnace unit!

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